20 Jul 2015

Let us tweet and post for you

By tweeting and posting for you we can free you up to focus on your business.  Giving your social media the professional touch and building up your account so you are open to a whole new market and potential leads.

We can offer one of three different packages starting at just £150 per week for two tweets and one Facebook post per day.

1) Two tweets and one Facebook post every day – £150 per week
2) The above plus one post across your other social media accounts every day – £170 per week
3) The above plus tweeting your new Twitter followers with a tailored tweet thanking them and telling them about your business – £220 per week

With all the packages we’ll be looking to open you up to whole new markets by growing your Twitter account by over 500 new business followers per month.

To find out more simply call me in person on 07826 559 085 or email enquiry@gillianann-virtualpa.com or message me back.

Free up your time and let me help you. There’s a wide audience out there and we can take you to them.