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Linkedin has found its busiest times to be morning and midday, Monday through to Friday. However business hours in general have the largest maximum reach for LinkedIn. Tip: Find what works for you with your target market, by trying different hours and noting the response you receive. Tip: Ensure you calculate the time difference for your target market as well, if you’re looking to reach beyond the UK. Tip: School holidays can effect the times so again be mindful of...

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An excellent way to manage your blog is to write several posts in one sitting and then schedule them to be published at dates in the future. It allows you to get into the vibe, do your research and work efficiently. That way even when you’re busy your blog is still current. Blogs are a great way of creating a buzz around your website. You can link to them via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. They also work...

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1 Feb 2015

Tip – Best Tweets

It’s well worth watching which tweets attract the most attention and keeping a record of them. It allows you to build up a collection of excellent marketing tweets to dip into and reuse in the future. You can retweet the best ones or you can create new ones based on your knowledge base. Ideal for busy days and for getting the most from social media. You can do the same with Facebook and LinkedIn, but with fuller messages, utilising the...

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30 Dec 2014

Tip – Refresh your Email

Start the New Year with a fresh approach. Unsubscribe ¬†from all those mailing lists you don’t need. Set up folders for filing your emails. Set up filters to organise your mail into ones to read and ones to keep. Update your signature and check your website link. Check through your contacts list and make sure your key contacts are there. Select the settings that work best for you, get the most from your email system. If you’d like a helping...

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8 Mar 2014

Tip – Website SEO

The number one way to increase your rankings on Google is content. It may sound simple, but adding new and relevant content frequently to your site comes up top time and time again of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) recommendations. By doing so you are showing Google and other search engines that your site is active, you are adding more keywords and building on those those you have and you are giving people a reason to return to your site again...

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