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Absolutely, almost all PA and secretarial services can be carried out without us needing to be in the office with you. Documents can be emailed to us or accessed via an on-line file sharing system, instructions can be emailed to us, conveyed over the phone or via a chat system such as MSN. Whichever is most convenient for you. Gone are the days when you either had to employ a permanent member of staff or drive to your nearest secretarial...

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2 Nov 2013

What is a Virtual PA?

A virtual PA (virtual personal assistant) sometimes called a VA (virtual assistant) is someone with administration skills who works with you via the internet, email and phone. We offer that and much more. Our PAs have years of in-office experience and our knowledge far exceeds administration. When you come to us you find someone who understands why the task is key to your business and knows how to carry out the work to a high level. Our PAs have experience...

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